Our Top Cordless Snow Blowers


#1.  Snow Joe ION8024-XR 24-Inch 80 Volt

This. Thing. Is. A. Beast.  That’s the short version of this recommendation.  If you have a larger area to clear and want to replace your gas-powered blower with no worries then this is your pick.  This is a two-stage blower, which means it is self-propelled.  Just look at this thing and you will realize the build quality.  This is the most powerful cordless snow blower on the market and it will clear away even the largest winter storms.

Comparable gas models weigh almost 200 pounds, whereas the Snow Joe ION8024-XR weighs just over 100 pounds.  That is almost half the weight.  This makes the Snow Joe much easier and safer to maneuver.  The lighter weight also makes this blower much easier to transport when needed.

The serrated steel auger sets this blower apart from the competition, cutting through even the hardest packed snow drifts.  The 80v battery pack provides enough power to throw even the heaviest, wettest snow.  With a clearing path of 24″ and depth of 13″ this is definitely our #1 rated cordless electric snow blower.


#2.  Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO

At #2 on our list is another offering from Snow Joe. The iON21SB-PRO is a single stage machine like most cordless electric snow blowers.  Weighing just 36 pounds, this machine is perfect for easy maneuverability and can stow away in any corner of your garage or utility shed/closet.

This blower utilizes 40v battery packs that allow for run times of over 1 hour making this machine ideal for homeowners with larger driveways.  It clears a path of 21″ wide and 8″ deep with each pass.  Like most of the Snow Joe machines, the iON21SB-PRO has bright LED lights for those times when you are clearing snow in the dark.
We really like the steel-reinforced augers on this model which you will not find on other comparable machines.  We also like that there is minimal assembly necessary with this model as it comes packaged almost ready to go out of the box.

#3.  Greenworks PRO 80V 20 inch

This 80v snow thrower packs a lot of punch for its size!  At just 33 pounds, and with folding handles, this machine takes up surprisingly little space in your garage or storage shed/closet and is very easy to maneuver.

The Greenworks PRO 80v clears a path 20″ wide and 10″ deep.  We really like the fast charging batteries in the Greenworks lineup with just 30 minutes needed to quick recharge the battery.  The brushless motors on this model make the operation very quiet, so clearing snow in the early morning or late night hours is less disturbing to neighbors.

This Greenworks model has a 4-year warranty against defects in materials, parts, and workmanship, and the battery and charger carry a 2-year warranty.  The Greenworks line has many power tools for your home and garden that use their interchangeable battery system.