What is the difference between single stage and two stage snow blower?

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When you are shopping for your new snow blower you will see a lot of information about single-stage and two-stage snow blowers.  So what is the difference?  It’s really quite simple, here is a brief explanation.

What is a single-stage snow blower?

A single-stage snow blower uses its high-speed auger to scoop up the snow from the ground and propel it through the discharge chute in one rotating motion.  These machines are best for snowfalls of up to 8″.  Most electric cordless snow blowers are single-stage machines.

What is a two-stage snow blower?

Two-stage snow blowers are bigger and usually heavier than their single-stage counterparts.  They have an extra part called the impeller, which is like a fan that pulls snow up out of the auger and pushes it through the chute.  They’re designed to handle snowfall depths up to 12″.  Most two-stage blowers are also self-propelled and generally cost a lot more.  Since two-stage blowers have the extra impeller, they can also clear a wider path of snow at once.



Here is a video that explains the difference further.


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