The Best Lightweight Snow Blowers

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Besides getting the job done right, having a snowblower that is also lightweight is extremely important for many reasons. The best lightweight snowblower is not only great for getting the job done, but they provide amazing benefits for anyone who uses them.

Whether you are clearing snow from a small patio or an entire yard, you can find a lightweight snowblower that will get the job done. You will learn why you should use a lightweight snowblower, how they get the job done just as good as your typical heavy snowblower, as well as some recommendations for the best lightweight snow blowers.

OUR TOP PICK – Best Lightweight Snow Blower

We Recommend the Greenworks PRO 80V cordless electric snow blower as our top lightweight snowblower for the following reasons:

  • Just 33 pounds, easy to maneuver
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Quick re-charge times
  • Easy to move and transport, even in tight areas and stairs

Read on for more information, or click the link below to read more reviews on Amazon.

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Why Lightweight Snow Blowers?

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about snow blowers is how heavy and bulky they can be. However, snowblowers can be lightweight enough to be used by anyone and are also powerful enough to tackle any job, big or small. Here are some benefits to lightweight snow blowers and why you should consider using one.

Perfect For Hard-To-Reach Places – Do you have a snow-covered area with lots of obstacles and tight spaces you need to reach? Lightweight snow blowers give you the benefit of navigating these areas with ease. Whether you need to get around trees, patio furniture, up and downstairs, or through tight spaces, a lightweight snow blower will make it easy to lift, move around, and get around any obstacle.

Great For Decks – Bulky snowblowers don’t work well with decks. Because of the extreme weight, heavy snowblowers can easily damage your deck surface, and without being able to move and turn your snowblower easily, they can also quickly damage your railings and other obstacles that might get in your way. Most large snowblowers and gas-powered snowblowers use steel blades for cutting through snow, which is great for large industrial jobs but can cause critical damage to your deck with just one pass.

Snowblowers For The Elderly – An older person would become tired and weak quickly if they used a heavy snow blower. For the elderly, a lightweight battery-powered cordless snow blower is the perfect alternative. It would be impossible for an elderly or frail person to lift or twist a heavy snowblower up and around obstacles making a lightweight snowblower the ultimate option.

Snowblowers For Women –Most women prefer a lightweight snowblower. And why wouldn’t a woman want a lighter snowblower when it can indeed get the job done just as good as the more cumbersome alternative?

Easier On Your Back – Besides being great for women and elderly people, it should be noted that it doesn’t matter how old you are, how strong you are, or what you can handle. The truth is, using massive snowblowers will cause strain and pain to anyone’s back and body. You can be a fit, muscular man and still experience pain when using a heavy snowblower. With how far technology has advanced, it makes little sense to go for the large, heavy gas-powered snowblowers, and instead makes much more sense to use the lightweight snowblower that can get the job done just as well.



Do Lightweight Snowblowers Get The Job Done?

As mentioned above, technology has come a long way, and lightweight snowblowers can surely get the job done no matter how big or small the job entails. Whether you have obstacles in your way, need to get through tight spaces, need to carry or lift your snowblower up and down the stairs, the lightweight snowblower is your solution.

Years ago, your only option was to get a heavy gasoline-powered snow blower to cut through the snow, but today that isn’t the case. Battery-powered cordless snowblowers make the perfect choice for anyone needing to clear the snow from any area around their property.

Cordless snow blowers have powerful lithium-ion batteries that last long, and for jobs that require more time, all you need is an extra battery to keep the job going as long as you need. You can store your cordless snowblower away easily with folding handles and compact units. You can get around obstacles much easier, lift your snowblower when you need to, and cover large and small areas with no need to fill up on gas or oil or worry about any lengthy maintenance. And above all, you won’t be hurting your body in the process because of how lightweight these snowblowers can be.


Best Lightweight Snow Blower Recommendations

You’ve made a great choice in exploring the benefits of lightweight snow blowers, and now you’re ready to explore the options available to you. Out of all the different brands and types of snow blowers on the market, there are two specific recommended snowblowers that can get any job done big or small. If you have snow you need to clear these two options are the best lightweight snowblowers you’ll ever use.


We recommend the Greenworks PRO 80v

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The Greenworks PRO snowblower is another top choice for lightweight snowblowers. Although it provides less runtime per battery charge, you can always purchase additional batteries to keep the job going. The greatest advantage of this snowblower is the 20 inches wide and 10 inches deep snow removal per pass. Check out these specs.

Greenworks PRO Specs:

Weight: 33 pounds

Battery: 80V 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery

Runtime: 45 minutes per charge

Snow throwing length: Up to 20 feet in any direction

Snow removal width per pass: 20 inches wide

Snow removal depth per pass: 10 inches deep

Safe for decks: Yes

Storage: Small area with foldable handles

Final Thoughts

Simply put, these lightweight cordless snowblowers will get the job done, and you can feel confident in clearing the snow any time you need to. The days of heavy, loud, bulky, and unsafe snow blowing are over. With these snowblowers being able to handle any snow that’s thrown at you, a cordless lightweight snowblower makes the obvious choice.

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